How to get Account type - checking, savings etc?

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How to get Account type - checking, savings etc?


Hi ! We have integrated with AIS (Sandbox Beta) and we need to get what the account type is from the API - whether it is a savings account, current(checkings) accouynt, credit etc. However there doesn't seem to  be a filed in the Account model that relates to it. 

What we see is only resourceId, iban, name, product and currency , even is you query the account details endpoint. What is the purpose of the product filed ? What we get from it as of now is data like "РС ЛИДЕР С РО 0406", "Ч-НО Б-НЕ ”123”", which doesnt seem to indicate account type, if its even ment to do so.

The description of the product filed as per documentation is "description": "Product Name of the Bank for this account", but its not clear whether thats the account type.


Filip Lyubenov




Привет  @filip.lyubenov_226!

Дали бихме могли да се свържем, виждам, че и Вие правите опити по интеграцията на API-то.




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