Payment Initiation Live (2.0.0)

As May 18, 2023, a new product Payment Initiation Live (2.0.0) is available,
for which grant type Client credentials will be used for the Authorization Process.
In order to use the APIs, you need to subscribe for the product.
In this new product, a new version of API PIS 2.0.0 has been published,
in which the possibility to initiate a payment without the orderer's account details (debtorAccount) has been implemented.

API AIS changes from July 25, 2023

As of July 25, 2023, pursuant to an amendment to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389, the following changes will be applied to API AIS:
- The validity of new payment service user consent for accessing its payment account online through an account information service provider will be 180 days.
- Consents that are valid on that date remain valid for their original validity period.

Receiving information for transactions for a period greater than 90 days

As of 01.12.2021, the possibility for receiving information for transactions for a period greater than 90 days has been added without affecting the current state of GET / accounts / {account-id} / transactions of the AIS API.
Information for transactions made more than 90 days ago may only be requested up to 30 minutes after the creation of a valid consent confirmed by SCA. After 30 minutes an error will be returned, if the date in dateFrom is older than 90 days from today.
For details see the documentation on the dataFrom parameter in the request.

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