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By accessing the website (the "Website") you agree to these Terms of Use of the DSK Bank EAD Cookies (Terms), UIC 121830616 (the "Bank"),

The Bank respects the confidentiality of your data and ensures its lawful processing and protection. These Terms are intended to provide you with information on how cookies are used on the website.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on the end user's device when visiting the website. It is used to collect anonymous information that is processed for statistical purposes, to improve the functionality of the website and others. Cookies are applied by many websites for different purposes - to keep your preferences, to activate online services, and more.


How are cookies used?

The bank uses cookies and / or other similar technologies to analyze trends, administer the website, track users' activities in it, and collect typed information about them.

Cookies are small files with information the website sends to the visitor's browser. The browser stores this information on the users terminal as a file. Cookies allow visitors to navigate the website and, when applicable, enable the Bank to individualize the website and its content to the needs of the visitor and to improve the results of its actions. If the cookie function is not enabled, the Bank can not ensure the proper functioning of the website.

The cookies that the Bank uses on the website do not store data that can directly identify users.


Where and how does the Bank use cookies on the website?

The bank uses cookies:

  • To protect customer confidentiality and prevent fraud;
  • On the Online Application Forms. If the cookie storage feature is not active, the user will not be able to access the website and / or use the Bank's services;
  • To monitor and manage the data flow on the website;
  • In the advertising campaigns to determine their effect. This helps the Bank to improve the design and structure of the website, products and services.


Types of cookies

The bank uses two basic types of cookies on the website:

  • Session Cookies. These are temporary cookies that are only active when the user logs on to the website (ie, until the user leaves the page and closes the browser). Session cookies help the site save the steps the visitor has done on the previous page, eliminating the need to re-enter information;
  • Permanent cookies. Permanent cookies remain on the user's computer after visiting the website. These cookies allow the Bank to identify it as a unique user (saving this information as a random number). How long the cookie will remain on the user's computer will depend on the type of cookie.


Consent to use cookies

Before you start using the website, the Bank should receive your consent to the use of cookies. Therefore, when you enter the website, there is a popup window that notifies you about the use of cookies and asks for your consent to using them by clicking OK. If you disagree with the use of cookies, you may opt out of all or part of them using the website.


Blocking and deleting cookies

If you want to restrict cookies or block them on the website, you can do so by changing the settings of your internet browser. You can block all cookies, accept only first-party cookies, or delete all cookies when you exit the browser. You can get more information from your browser's help menu. Some of the services that the bank provides on the website can not work when blocking or deleting cookies.


Changes to the Terms

These Terms may be updated and amended periodically.