How to go to production for PSD2 services


Authorization to provide services by a competent authority under PSD2

Valid PSD2-compliant QWAC containing registration information, including the role of TPP (ETSI TS 119 495 v1.3.2). The QWAC publisher must be in the EU list of trusted providers:

QWAC roles: 

  • Account servicing (PSP_AS);
  • Payment initiation (PSP_PI);
  • Account information (PSP_AI);
  • Issuing of card-based payment instruments (PSP_IC)

QWAC roles corresponding to the registration required for the respective API:

API Service registration QWAC Role 
AISAccount Information Service Provider - AISPPSP_AI
PISPayment Initiation Service Provider - PISPPSP_PI
COFPayment Instrument Issuing Service Provider - PIISPPSP_IC


Specific requirements:

  • Registration of the TPP application in the Developer API portal of DSK Bank - done independently by the TPP.
    • Client ID
    • Client secret
    • redirect_uri
    • public key of the QWAC
  • Subscription to the production API - authorized by an employee of DSK Bank after completing the checks for fulfillment of all legal requirements.
  • oAuth2 Access token, separate for each API - client of the bank who gives a consent to TPP-APP to access their accounts with the corresponding API - as a result TPP receives an Access token.
  • Consent for API AIS - The client chooses how and with which accounts TPP-APP can work and gives a consent to TPP-APP to request different information for those accounts for a period (max 90 days) of time.
  • Available accounts for API PIS for the PSD2 channel - the client chooses which accounts can be accessed by the TPP-APP.
  • Account for availability of funds for API COF - the client gives consent for an account for which TPP-APP can receive confirmation/rejection for the availability of a certain amount.


Adding a TPP application for production environment

The TPP-APP owner finds the API and chooses it:


The TPP-APP owner subscribes to the API: 




  1. Clicks on the SUBSCRIBE button
  2. Selects the Application for which the subscription will apply
  3. Confirms with the button SUBSCRIBE
  4. A message for the submitted request displays on the screen



  • The TPP-APP owner sends the public key of the QWAC via email
  • If any additional information is needed it will be communicated via email
  • The TPP-APP owner will receive information for the approval